Storage Units: Practical Guidelines on Organising Your Space

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Storage Units: Practical Guidelines on Organising Your Space

28 November 2017
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If you have household items which cannot fit into your current home, you should think about renting a storage unit. Storage units are convenient spaces which will keep your property secure until you decide your next plan. Unfortunately, these storage rooms are not usually large, and the cost for renting a spacious unit can be high. Therefore, it is important to learn how to organise your items for maximum space use and convenient access. Also, arranging your assets with care will prevent accidental damage. Here are some guidelines to help you use your storage unit efficiently. 

Acquire Boxes and Stack

You should place your items in boxes before placing into your storage units. In general, space in the room is wasted because there are numerous items which are irregularly shaped. If you place them as they are or wrap in paper, you will end up wasting the room. Also, you will increase the risk of damaging the items because there is no extra layer of protection. Therefore, acquire boxes and label them clearly and then place your items inside. You should not get multiple box sizes for your applications. Instead, choose one or two sizes. These will be easier to stack together without concerns for toppling or space wastage.

Elevate Your Items

You should acquire some pallets in preparation for placing your property into the storage unit. These products will help you elevate your boxes, furniture and other items. Direct contact with the floor can be detrimental for your assets. In simple terms, if the local area rains or snows, there is no guarantee that your space will remain dry. Even if the bottom has a weather seal, you should take this simple precaution. The pallets will keep your goods safe from flowing water.

Create an Aisle

When arranging your boxes, furniture and appliances in the storage unit, you should avoid packing in these items tightly. Simply speaking, you should not place the items in the entire room and work your way outside. While this action might take advantage of every bit of space, it will raise problems in the future. Ideally, you should stack your boxes and arrange them along the wall opposite the door. Then, arrange the other assets along the adjacent wall such that an aisle will remain at the middle. However, do not stack against the wall because this action will limit air circulation.

Contact local storage facilities to find a unit that will work for you.