Two tips for moving house when you have mobility problems

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Two tips for moving house when you have mobility problems

29 November 2017
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Moving house when you have a health condition that limits your mobility can be extremely challenging. Here are two tips which should help you if you are in this situation.

Start packing several weeks in advance

Packing boxes is a physically demanding process, even for those who are able-bodied. If you have health problems that affect your ability to stand up or kneel down, to lift things or to use your hands, you will probably find packing up your belongings to be an extremely tiring and painful experience.

As such, if you have mobility problems, it is essential to start packing your possessions at least a few weeks before you are due to move house. This will enable you to tackle this challenging process at a pace which will not completely exhaust you. You will have time to take breaks in between packing sessions and can stop midway through packing a box if you start to feel sore.

Furthermore, you will probably feel far less stressed than if you were to wait until the last minute to start packing; this is a very important point to note if the symptoms of your health condition are exacerbated by stress (arthritis sufferers, for example, often notice an increase in pain when they are under a great deal of stress).

Use the services of a moving company

A lot of people choose to handle the house moving process without the help of a moving company. This is usually because they do not want to incur the expense of hiring a team of removalists.

However, if you have mobility problems, it is absolutely vital to invest in the services of a reputable moving company to assist you with the moving process.

Whilst handling the entire process yourself might save you a few dollars, it could also result in you sustaining an injury. If for example, you do not have the physical strength and flexibility to carry heavy things, you could end up falling over or straining your back whilst attempting to pick up a hefty box.

Your mobility problems could also increase the chances of some of your belongings getting broken during the house move, as a box could, for example, slip out of your sore, stiff hands whilst you're carrying into your new home. If the items inside the box were valuable, you could end up having to incur the cost of replacing or repairing them.

As such, it is worth paying a team of removalists to handle this process on your behalf.