4 Packing Tips Before Moving to a New Home

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4 Packing Tips Before Moving to a New Home

30 November 2017
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Many people make mistakes when packing their belongings before moving to a new home. Such mistakes can have several unpleasant outcomes, such as damaged property and poor utilization of the available space. Below are some tricks and tips that you should keep in mind when you pack so that your household items are not damaged during transit to your new home.

Use Similar Boxes

Do you have a huge array of boxes that you have been collecting for your upcoming move to another home? Sort through those boxes and select those that are of the same size. Restricting yourself to boxes of the same size has several advantages. First, you can stack those boxes easily without fearing that those at the bottom will be damaged by the weight above them. Secondly, the space in the removals truck will be used efficiently since it will be possible to pack those boxes closely together.

Fill the Boxes

It is essential for you to fill each of your packing boxes before you move onto the one. It is risky to leave some space in a packing box because this creates an opportunity for the box to crumble when you stack others on it. It is therefore wise to avoid using very large boxes because they may become very heavy when you fill them.

Use the Drawers

You can reduce the number of packing boxes that you use by taking advantage of the space provided by drawers when you are packing for your move to another home. However, you should be mindful of the weight of those drawers because they can be challenging to carry when they are heavily laden. Select light items, such as clothes, and pack them into the drawers. The space will be utilised without making the weight of the item excessive.

Be Cautious About Airtight Bags

Never pack your bedding materials or clothes in airtight bags. The clothes or bedding materials may sweat and allow microbes to thrive. Instead, use breathable bags so that your belongings stay dry and fresh. Alternatively, you can opt for vacuum bags in case you need to use plastic bags.

Different belongings, such as furniture and kitchenware, have different packing requirements. In this case, it helps to work with professional removalists so that they can advise you about the specific packing requirements for the different categories of your belongings. You will then avoid making mistakes during the packing of your property.