Techniques for Maximising Space in Storage Units

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Techniques for Maximising Space in Storage Units

12 December 2017
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Most people incur high storage costs because they don't take the time to properly arrange their storage units. This often leads to the illusion that they need a bigger unit or they need to move some of their stuff into their friend's basement. However, properly organizing a storage unit can make it easy for you to find where everything is, and to save on money while you're at it.

What's more? You can also enjoy the convenience of having all your stuff in one place so you don't have to keep knocking on your friend's basement every time you need to retrieve something.

Use the vertical space

Most storage units may be varied in width, but fixed in height. A smart idea is to maximise on the overhead space by stacking your items as much as possible. Make sure everything is stable, and only stack items such as boxes that don't have any fragile components.

A small ladder can come in handy to help with stacking the storage unit. It helps to pack as many of your items as possible into boxes so you can safely attack them on top of each other.

Install some Shelving

You can easily install some shelving panels inside the unit to provide more surfaces for your items. Visit your local store to acquire some plastic or metallic shelving. You can also use the shelf surfaces to store delicate items that you would want to have separated from all the other stuff.

Items such as lamps, glass, dishware and other fragile commodities are great for placing on shelves.

Make use of your stored items

Some of your current items in storage can provide additional storage space. For example, cabinets, dressers, and even fridges can be packed with books, clothes, documents, and other similar items. You can also store your garden supplies in empty trashcans within the unit.

This smart use of current items can help you store more stuff into a smaller space without having to dump items in a disorganised manner.

Store by importance

It is important to store all your critical items in areas where they can be easily accessed. Make a list of must-haves that you can store towards the front of the unit, and the other stuff can occupy the backspaces.

If you can easily access your items at all times, you will find that the space you're using is more productive and convenient.