Items You Should Take Out the Garage and Store in a Climate Controlled Unit

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Items You Should Take Out the Garage and Store in a Climate Controlled Unit

15 December 2017
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When downsizing your residence, chances are you will come across some items that you either use seasonally or will not have adequate space for them in your new house. For some homeowners, this automatically translates into putting them in their garage for safekeeping until the need for them arises. However, although your garage does provide shelter for these items, the changing weather elements coupled with the erratic temperatures changes could cause irreparable harm to your belongings.

Therefore, it is vital to know which items would require special attention and would be better off investing in a storage unit for. Below are a couple of the things that you should take out of the garage and store in a climate-controlled unit.

Vehicle batteries

Putting a car battery in your garage could be doing more harm than good to it. When operational, the battery transfers an electric charge through its positive and its negative terminals. In warm weather, the battery can thrive in the garage, as the terminals do not acquire any damage. However, once the temperatures dip, the chemical reactions that occur to make the batter operational happens at a much slower pace. As a result, your battery loses power and will be unable to provide optimum functionality to your vehicle.  It would be advisable to keep the battery in a climate-controlled unit for long-term self-storage to avoid unnecessary jump-starting of your car when you finally do decide to use the battery.

Electronic gadgets

In this digital era, you undoubtedly will have accumulated a vast selection of electronic gadgets over the years. Thus, when downsizing your home, it is likely you will need to put several electronic devices into storage since they are simply taking up space without you using them on a regular basis. If you plan to sell these items down the road or if they will still be of relevance to you, then you have to take measures to ensure that they do not become damaged when out of sight. One of the main culprits of electronic failure is exposed to cold climatic conditions. Not only would the cold diminish the battery life of your electronic devices, but the chill could also cause permanent damage to the delicate internal components such as the motherboard, electrical connections and more. In addition to investing in a climate-controlled unit, take the devices apart and put them in a dust-proof bag to prevent dirt accumulating on the gadgets.