Two Tips for a Simple and Straightforward House Move

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Two Tips for a Simple and Straightforward House Move

15 December 2017
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Moving house can be a stress-inducing process. Here are two tips which should make this experience as simple and straightforward as possible.

Purchase robust packing supplies

Low-quality boxes and tape will increase the chances of your belongings being damaged at some point during the moving process.

Thin, flimsy cardboard boxes, for example, tend to collapse when filled with heavy items. If a box collapses whilst you are carrying it, the items inside could fall to the ground and end up damaged.

Similarly, cheap packing tape tends to tear very easily. If you use this type of tape to seal up a box and the tape then splits whilst the box is being transported inside the moving van, the box could open and the goods inside could end up being thrown around the van's storage area. If these goods are fragile, this could result in them being destroyed.

As such, if you want to avoid the stress, expense and hassle of replacing or repairing damaged belongings, it's important to buy high-quality packing supplies, such as double-walled cardboard boxes and extra-strong packing tape.

Don't attempt to transport your furniture without professional assistance

If you want your house move to go off without a hitch, it is worth using the services of a furniture removals company.

If you attempt to transport your furniture to your new home without professional assistance, there is a very good chance that your furniture will end up being damaged.

Without the right skills, experience and specialist moving equipment, you could end up dropping a piece of furniture or knocking it against a wall. In either case, the item in question would almost certainly end up either broken or badly scratched.

Depending on the extent of the damage, this could leave you without a functional bed, sofa or dining table during the first few days of living in your new house. You would also have to incur the cost of either having the damaged item repaired, or replacing it.

As such, whilst hiring a team of furniture removalists will, of course, increase the overall cost of your house move, this is not an expense you should try to avoid, as it could drastically reduce the chances of your house move going horribly wrong. Their expertise and equipment will ensure that your furniture remains intact from the moment it leaves your old home until it reaches your new one.