Shoes, Dogs, and Cardboard: Safety Tips for Moving Day

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Shoes, Dogs, and Cardboard: Safety Tips for Moving Day

20 December 2017
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It's rather logical that there can be a few safety issues involved when you move to a new home. After all, the contents of your home need to be packed up, carried out, transported, and then placed inside your new home. There are a number of issues that could arise during this seemingly straightforward process, although hiring a professional moving company is going to minimise the chances of any problems. But even when a professional is taking care of most of the work, you need to do everything you can to ensure that moving day is as safe as possible for everyone involved.

1. Beware of Heavy Lifting

While your furniture removals company will do much of the heavy lifting, you will still need to lug around a few boxes, even if only during the packing process. Please be mindful of the weight of the box versus your physical capabilities. It's important to utilise a proper lifting technique to minimise the chance of injury.

2. Proper Wardrobe Choices

On moving day, your wardrobe choices should be made for their practicality, instead of style. A sports shoe is the best choice when it comes to your footwear. This is a closed toe shoe (to offer some protection in the event that you drop something) which has a rubber sole for maximum traction on a variety of different surfaces.

3. The Importance of Traction

Appropriate traction can be vital, and traction can be increased on hardwood floors while offering them protection against increased foot traffic. It's an especially good idea on a wet day, so you might want to think about lining walkways with flattened cardboard boxes. It reduces the chance of anyone slipping over while carrying a heavy load, while also reducing the chances of any scuff marks on the floor.

4. Slipping Hazards

Proper preparation of the route from your home to the furniture removals truck also involves the exterior of your home. Ensure that walkways have been swept to remove dirt, leaves, and any other forms of debris that could pose a slipping hazard.

5. Don't Forget Your Four-Legged Friend

There is someone else who could pose a tripping hazard. Ensure that your dog is kept out of harm's way. Even a friendly dog can easily get underfoot when they're investigating the curious new development of strangers removing all your furniture. This could potentially injure your beloved dog, so keep them away from the action. Arrange for a friend or family member to take care of them for the day (off-site), or confine them to a certain room in your home (with their bedding, clean water, and any toys) until the removalists have finished their work.

Moving day can be enough work as it is, so of course you'll want to make it as easy as possible, by making it as safe as possible. For more information or advice, contact furniture removals services.