The Benefits Of Using Refrigerated Shipping Containers To Store Produce From Your Soft Fruit Farm

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The Benefits Of Using Refrigerated Shipping Containers To Store Produce From Your Soft Fruit Farm

20 December 2017
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Anybody involved in the soft fruit growing business will know that keeping the berries and currants they produce fresh once picked is one of the most difficult parts of the job. While any fruit or vegetable can become spoiled and mouldy if not stored properly, delicate soft fruits are especially vulnerable, and refrigerating your produce as quickly as possible once it has been picked is vital to the ongoing profitability of your farm.

This means having reliable refrigeration facilities on standby during harvest season, and while conventional refrigeration rooms and chiller cabinets have their merits, many soft fruit farmers are turning to refrigerated shipping containers from places like Tasbulk Pty Ltd to preserve their soft fruits. Commonly known as 'reefer' containers, these versatile and practical refrigeration units have a number of advantages over other soft fruit refrigeration methods:


Reefer containers can be surprisingly inexpensive, especially if purchased second-hand, and are far cheaper to purchase than more permanent refrigeration facilities. You will also save money on installation costs, as refrigerated containers are ready to be used once placed on relatively firm and level ground and plugged into a suitable power supply.

Can be bought or hired

If your harvesting season only occupies a few weeks of every year, purchasing and installing permanent refrigeration facilities can be impractical. Many shipping container merchants will hire out their reefers for reasonable rates, allowing you to save even more money by only paying for refrigeration facilities when you actually need them.


Reefer containers can be transported from place to place with relative ease using forklifts, flatbed trucks and other vehicles commonly used on soft fruit farms. This allows you to transport your refrigerated container to wherever it is needed the most (as long as it is reasonably close to a power supply), saving you time that would otherwise be spent transporting fruits to the fridge and making sure your fruits stay as fresh as humanly possible.

Different sizes available

While most refrigerated containers adhered to a standardised size, both smaller and larger versions are available. Smaller containers are ideal for placement in areas with limited space, while oversize containers are particularly useful for handling unexpected overstock.


The modular design and construction of reefer containers means they can be easily customised, and a number of features can be added easily to make your reefer even more suited to soft fruit storage. Pallet-compatible shelving, air filters and sterilising UV lights are popular additions.


Refrigerated containers are designed to weather the rough weather and vicious swell of the high seas while keeping their cargoes cool, dry and safe. As you can imagine, they are very durable and robust, and can be placed in unsheltered locations without compromising the safety of your stored fruit.