Two Precautions You Can Take to Keep Your Furniture Safe During the Moving Process

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Two Precautions You Can Take to Keep Your Furniture Safe During the Moving Process

21 December 2017
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If you will be moving to a new house soon and you own a lot of valuable furniture, it's important to take some precautions to ensure that it remains safe and intact during the moving process. Read on to find out what these precautions are.

Wrap it up

Most furniture items are large and irregularly shaped. This can make them difficult to protect during the moving process, as unlike most other household goods, they cannot be neatly stowed away in cardboard boxes.

The best way to protect pieces of furniture that will not fit into your moving boxes is to cover them with multiple protective layers, made up of heavy-duty bubble wrap and specialist moving blankets.

The first layer (i.e., the one which will come into direct contact with the furniture) should be made up of aforementioned moving blankets. These will help to prevent any wooden sections of the furniture from being scratched and any upholstered sections from being torn.

Make sure to secure the blankets in place with straps so that they don't slip off during the journey to your new house.

The next layer should consist of bubble-wrap. This material is filled with shock-absorbing air pockets that will prevent any impact (caused by, for example, the item being knocked into a wall or dropped on the ground) from breaking the solid parts of the furniture. This, too, should be secured into place, using packing tape.

Hire a team of furniture removalists

If you try to move your furniture by yourself, using a rented van, there is a very good chance that at least a few of your items will end up sustaining some damage.

Without professional moving equipment (such as furniture dollies and lifting straps), you could end up accidentally dropping heavy items when carrying them in or out of the moving van, or up or down a flight of stairs. Your own lack of experience could also lead to you failing to tie down the furniture properly inside the back of the rented van; this could result in the items being tossed around and damaged during the road journey to the new house.

Using the services of a skilled and well-equipped team of furniture removalists will drastically reduce the likelihood of this type of damage occurring.

Whilst hiring furniture removalists to transport your furniture to your new property will make your house move more expensive, it could spare you the enormous expense and hassle of having to pay for the repair or replacement of damaged pieces of valuable furniture. When this fact is taken into account, the fee charged by a removalist seems like a small price to pay.