4 Things to Ensure Hassle-Free Furniture Removals

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4 Things to Ensure Hassle-Free Furniture Removals

12 March 2018
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Are you planning to move from one home to another for the first time? Read on and discover some useful tips that can make that process as incident-free as possible.

Tag and List Belongings

It is always advisable to start packing your belongings several days or even weeks before the moving date. Go an extra mile and place tags on each of the boxes into which you have packed different items. Make a list of those tagged boxes. That list can be used to check everything as it is loaded into the moving truck. You can also use that list to check off each box as it is offloaded and taken into your new home. In this way, you can quickly detect if any of the boxes are missing.

Find Out About Special Arrangements

Make sure that you have made sufficient arrangements for the special items that you will be moving with. For example, you may need to make special arrangements for moving your grand piano or any delicate furniture that you own. Special arrangements may also need to be made for your pets. Such special arrangements may or may not be within the services offered by the removalists who will handle the common household belongings. Make sure to speak with a representative at the furniture removals company to see what items they will move.

Confirm the Readiness of the Destination

It is also prudent for you to confirm that the new home is ready for your belongings to be taken there. For example, do you have the keys to all rooms? Has the home been cleaned? Such readiness will prevent any surcharges that could be levied in case the removalists have to wait while you rush to make last-minute preparations before your belongings can be offloaded from the moving trucks.

Conduct a Final Walk-Through

It is wise to walk through each of the rooms of your home after your belongings have been loaded onto the truck by the removalists. That walk-through will help you to ascertain that nothing has been left behind accidentally. You can then remove any doubts about any missing items in case you fail to account for them on your checklist during the offloading process.

People who are going to move for the first time need to work with removalists during each step of the process. For example, ask them to pack your belongings instead of taking the risk of making a mistake by doing it yourself. You can then take on more roles as you gain experience in the different aspects of the removals process.