How to Find a Removalist to Move Your Wine Collection

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How to Find a Removalist to Move Your Wine Collection

28 June 2018
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If you're a wine collector, then you may have a lot of bottles to deal with during the removals process. Some of your wine may be valuable; even if it isn't worth that much, getting your wine safely into your new home matters to you. What should you ask removalists before you entrust them with your wine?

Does the Removalist Have Experience of Packing and Moving Wine?

If you're going to have your removalist pack up your stuff ready for the move, then you need to make sure that the company's staff know how to pack wine so that it doesn't get damaged in transit. For example, removalists should know to pack wine that has corks in it on its side or upside down. This keeps the corks wet. They should also use specialist wine boxes to carry your bottles.

If you prefer to pack up your wine, then you need to be sure that the removalist's staff know that they'll be loading and unloading boxes with fragile contents. Talk to the removalist before you pack to see how you should mark your wine boxes so that all your movers know what they are carrying.

Are the Vans Climate Controlled?

If you're planning on moving when the weather is really hot or really cold and your wine will be on the road for a while, then you may want it transported in a climate-controlled vehicle. If your wine isn't kept at the right temperature, then it could spoil.

If you aren't making a same-day move and will put your stuff in storage with the removalist, then you also need to check if the company's storage site has climate-controlled areas for your wine.

Will the Removalist Cover Accidental Damage?

You need to check who would cover the costs of replacing your wine if something happened to it. Your collection may not be covered for all kinds of damage or loss under the removalist's general insurance coverage. Removalists may also ask you to have large or valuable collections of wine valued before they agree to move it.

If you need extra insurance for your wine, talk to your home insurance company first to check if they give you cover for goods in transit. If you don't have this coverage in place or can't get it from your current provider, then you may need to take out removals insurance that will cover your wine collection.