Why you need a self-storage unit

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Why you need a self-storage unit

26 September 2019
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Many people experience problems with clutter in their homes due to the unwillingness to part with their possessions. With many valuable and sometimes sentimental things to store, hiring a self-storage facility is the best solution. There are many reasons why self-storage facilities are an excellent idea for many homeowners and businesses, including:

Environmental damage 

With many possessions in your home, you may resort to using the attic, basement and even a storage shed in your yard. While this may seem like a good idea, your possessions are susceptible to risk from environmental damage. When stored in dark and damp places, they are vulnerable to mould, water damage and attack by rodents. Valuables should be stored in climate-controlled areas that some storage facilities have. Self-storage units are dry and are often climate-controlled to prevent moisture damage.

In addition, storage facilities offer protection plans from damage resulting from floods and vermin damage if you are storing valuables.

Reduce clutter

Self-storage facilities are designed to reduce clutter present in businesses, homes and hence creating additional space. You can store old furniture and other electronic appliances in a storage unit as opposed to your home's basement or attic. This will free up space that you can redesign into an extra bedroom, an office or a Zen space. It can allow you to hoard your belongings while still maintaining an organised and clutter-free space.


Some businesses may have insufficient space to store their office stationery, equipment and documents. Renting additional office space to store these items will be more expensive in the end. You can save this money by settling for a cheaper storage facility. You can look for the right size for your extra office items and get the extra security that comes with storage units. They are also ideal for short-term storage when you are renovating or relocating. Lastly, they are cost-effective in that you pay to depend on the space you need.


In comparison to many homes, self-storage facilities offer guaranteed protection. Many facilities are secured with modern technology from keycard access to 24/7 surveillance, personal locks, alarms, security guards and fences. These security aspects make it difficult for intruders to break into the facility. Therefore, you should consider storing valuable items in a storage facility than in the basement of your home.

The security benefit is also a plus for businesses that need to store sensitive files such as tax information and employment records.