How To Interview Your Furniture Removalist

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How To Interview Your Furniture Removalist

6 January 2021
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Furniture removal is one of the most challenging activities when moving into a new home or office. Experienced removalists can help dismantle, transport and arrange furniture and equipment in your new premises. So, how do you hire a furniture removalist? Below are some questions to help you interview and choose a furniture removalist. 

What Is Your Availability? 

Your immediate task is to establish whether the removalist is available to provide removal services on the proposed date. Remember, some professionals do not work at night or during the weekends. You should also check the removalist's area of operation. It is an essential concern if you intend to move interstate or to another country. As a rule, you should avoid removal companies that subcontract their services to other companies. 

Are Clients Allowed To Conduct Self Removals? 

Self-removals are ideal for clients on a budget or those who want control over the removals process. The removalist will provide packing equipment such as cartons and bubble wrap. Additionally, he or she will also offer a removals van or truck. You will have to dismantle your furniture, pack and load your items onto the removals truck. Moreover, you will transport and unload the items before returning the removals truck. 

Do You Provide Storage Services? 

You will need storage services when decluttering your home or moving into smaller premises. Most removalists can transport your items to an appropriate storage facility. Others provide temporary storage containers that can be used as storage units or offices. 

What Are The Customer Obligations? 

Check the customer obligations to avoid disputes with your removalist. For example, some removalists will ask you to purchase cartons, transport valuables, sensitive documents and pets. You could also be required to take a removals insurance cover and secure a parking slot for the removals truck. When moving to another country, the removalist could ask you to fumigate your furniture and get rid of items that might attract customs fines. 

How Much Will You Charge? 

Ideally, the removalist should be reasonably priced. Compare quotes from a few removal companies to understand industry pricing. Additionally, you should ask for discounts and take advantage of coupons. Move on a weekday if the removalist charges more during the weekend. Additionally, get rid of old and damaged items that you will no longer need in your new home or office. 

When hiring a removalist, inquire about his or her availability, charges and customer obligations. Moreover, check whether the professional provides self-removal and storage services.