5 Ways to Prepare Your New Home Before Your Removalists Arrive

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5 Ways to Prepare Your New Home Before Your Removalists Arrive

19 March 2021
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On moving day, you have a whole slew of things that you can do to make your move easier on you and your removalists. As well as preparing your current home, you can also prepare your new home in advance. Preparing your new home in advance of your removalists' arrival will ensure that your movers can set up your new home as quickly as possible.

If you arrive at your new home before your removalists, which is often wise, do the following things.

1. Plan the routes to each and every room

If you arrive at your new home before your removalists, this is a good opportunity to examine the layout of your new home. Check the path to your home for obstacles or potential trip hazards. You should then make a note of these and inform your movers when they arrive. And this is a good time to measure the doorways and the stairways.

Once your removalists arrive, you'll be able to direct them safely and easily.

2. Remove doors where you need to

If you own some large items of furniture like sofas and wardrobes, you may need to remove some of the doors in your new home in order to fit these items inside. This is why it's important to measure your furniture in advance. If your removalists can't get a piece furniture through a doorway, this will slow down your move. Your removalists may even be able to help you replace a door once the furniture is inside a room.

3. Protect your floors

You can ensure that you don't damage the flooring in your new home by covering the floors before your removalists arrive. Securely place cardboard or blankets on the floor to ensure that your floors stay undamaged as your removalists move your things into your new home.

4. Ensure your removalists have somewhere to park

Parking is vital when moving your things into your new home. The further away your removalists have to park, the longer the second stage of your move will take. Arrive at your new home first and secure a parking space for the moving truck as close to your new home as possible, preferably in the driveway.

5. Plan the unpacking process in advance

You'll want to unpack your possessions as quickly as possible and with as little fuss as possible. Prepare the unpacking process in advance by selecting certain spots in your home for unpacking and others for stacking boxes and other possessions.

If you arrive at your home before your removalists, be sure to prepare your home in advance to ensure a speedy and efficient move. Contact local removals companies to learn more.