Moving From Your Own Flat Into a Share Home

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Moving From Your Own Flat Into a Share Home

10 August 2021
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It's curious that moving into a larger home can be a form of downsizing. When you move from your own flat into a share home, you're downsizing the amount of space that you must furnish, while still increasing your overall living space—even if the majority of this new space is shared. Whether you're trying to save money or are just sick of living alone, what are some of the things you must think about before you move in with your new flatmates?

Your New Bedroom

The floor space of your new bedroom will help to determine the scale of your move. Key items in your current home could become part of your bedroom setup (this could include a couch and a television). It really depends on how much space you have to work with. But the simple fact of the matter is that you won't have enough space for the majority of your existing possessions.

Swapping Out

Before you begin to consider discarding certain possessions, think about whether what you have could be used to replace key items already in the share home. Maybe your dining table or fridge is of better quality than what's already at the share home. Have a chat with your new flatmates. Would they be interested in swapping out what they already have? These considerations are important for hiring a removals company, especially since not all of your possessions will be making the trip to your new share home.

The Leftovers

When you know precisely what will be brought to your new home, you're in a better position to begin planning the logistics of moving. You will still be left with a sizeable number of items that have no place in your new home. Should these simply be discarded? Sure, you can donate them to charity, give them to friends, or sell them, but there might be a part of you that's reluctant to part with items that have taken considerable time and money to accumulate.

In the Future

While you might hope that your new living arrangement is a long-term one, there might come a time when you decide to go your own way again. Instead of discarding all the seemingly unnecessary items from your old home, think about placing them in storage. Many removals companies offer this option, and on moving day, some items will be moved to their new home, and others will be transported to a storage facility. There will obviously be an ongoing fee for this service, but this may prove to be less expensive than replacing certain items if you should ever need to furnish an entire home again in the future. 

Moving into a share home means you can't bring all your existing possessions with you. It doesn't necessarily mean they should be discarded though.

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