3 Essential Considerations When Hiring a Delivery Service Provider for Your New Furniture

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3 Essential Considerations When Hiring a Delivery Service Provider for Your New Furniture

8 August 2022
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Are you contemplating buying new furniture for your home? If that's the case, you must consider various things like the furniture's material, colour and style. However, one critical consideration after purchasing your furniture is how to transport it to your home. Choosing a furniture delivery service will help ensure your furniture arrives safely and on time. 

Since you might also need to disassemble and reassemble your new furniture, the delivery service you choose must provide these services to make your move smooth and effortless. Continue reading for other critical considerations when selecting a delivery service for your new furniture.

Inquire Whether They Offer Last-Mile Deliveries 

One of the modern concepts changing how moving companies offer their services is last-mile deliveries. These services are essential, especially when you're moving bulky furniture. Delivery companies that don't provide last-mile delivery services can make your move difficult. That's because some of them might offload your pieces of furniture on your driveway and leave you to tackle the challenging task of getting them inside your house. It can be challenging when you don't have a helping hand. 

Conversely, a last-mile delivery service guarantees that the delivery team gets all furniture into your home. Besides, they assist in arranging your pieces of furniture accordingly before leaving your premise. That's especially helpful if the delivery is done during poor climatic conditions or late hours.  

Ask if They Have Temperature-Controlled Delivery Trucks

Most homeowners think that temperature-controlled transport is meant only for perishable products. Today, most industries invest in temperature-controlled vehicles to deliver products to their clients. The same should also apply to furniture. If you need your new furniture transported hundreds of miles away on a cold winter morning, remember that the chilly conditions can impact the fabrics and cause unwanted damage. 

Therefore, it's imperative to enlist a furniture delivery company with temperature-controlled trucks for optimal transportation. That's particularly true if you are dealing with furniture with moisture-sensitive materials or features. Consequently, you will be guaranteed that your expensive pieces of furniture will arrive in pristine condition. 

Consider the Company's Packing Options

Packing your new furniture is crucial. The packing options offered will tell you whether the company has what it takes to make a successful delivery. For instance, high-end furniture needs additional protection to prevent potential damage or breakages. A reputable delivery service provider uses protective materials like cushions to avoid damaging the furniture's surfaces.

Besides, a reliable delivery service provider invests in heavy-duty padded covers to protect your furniture from dirt and dust. Therefore, ensure that the delivery company knows your transportation requirements regarding parking requirements and whether they can provide excellent packing solutions. 

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