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Storage: Keeping Things Safe

If you are planning to place your belongings into a storage unit, you will want to make sure that they are safe. My name is Peter, I live in Perth. When I decided to move in with my girlfriend, I suddenly realised that there wasn't any room for my collection of model trains. I didn't want to sell them, so I decided to put them into storage until I had the room to set to up again. I found a great storage company who gave me lots of fantastic advice about how to keep the items safe. I hope this advice will be of help to you.


Items You Should Take Out the Garage and Store in a Climate Controlled Unit

15 December 2017
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When downsizing your residence, chances are you will come across some items that you either use seasonally or will not have adequate space for them in your new house. For some homeowners, this automatically translates into putting them in their garage for safekeeping until the need for them arises. However, although your garage does provide shelter for these items, the changing weather elements coupled with the erratic temperatures changes could cause irreparable harm to your belongings. Read More …

How to Prepare Your Furniture and Fragile Items for Long-term Storage

12 December 2017
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Storage units come in handy when you have limited space in your house or office, or when you are relocating for a long period and won't carry your stuff along. How you package them is important to avoid damage while they're in storage. This article offers packing tips on your furniture pieces and fragile items to ensure they don't get damaged in long-term storage. Furniture and mattresses Wrap sofas and upholstery in sheets, canvas tarps or plastic covers to prevent dust from settling on them while in storage. Read More …

Techniques for Maximising Space in Storage Units

12 December 2017
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Most people incur high storage costs because they don't take the time to properly arrange their storage units. This often leads to the illusion that they need a bigger unit or they need to move some of their stuff into their friend's basement. However, properly organizing a storage unit can make it easy for you to find where everything is, and to save on money while you're at it. What's more? Read More …

4 Ways to Save Money on Mini Bus Hire

11 December 2017
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Mini bus hire for road trips, vacations, and social events is so common nowadays that you would assume the process should be straightforward. However, that is not always the case, as most people don't understand the ins and outs of the rental process. As a result, they end up stressed and with numerous unanswered questions. Do you need rental insurance? Will you pay for damages? How do you lower rental rates? Read More …

4 Packing Tips Before Moving to a New Home

30 November 2017
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Many people make mistakes when packing their belongings before moving to a new home. Such mistakes can have several unpleasant outcomes, such as damaged property and poor utilization of the available space. Below are some tricks and tips that you should keep in mind when you pack so that your household items are not damaged during transit to your new home. Use Similar Boxes Do you have a huge array of boxes that you have been collecting for your upcoming move to another home? Read More …